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 Consulting Services (CS) coupled with Continuous Education Programs

     Hotel and Tourism Education must be accessible to all professional levels

The CS form part of the Integrated Eco-Tourism Development Program (IETDP). Hence, using a similar modular system and methodology. With emphasis on our key objectives “Joint Planning and Development” and “Working Together” within all tourism businesses and all sectors private and public focusing on change.

The Integrated Consulting Services are grouped in two sections: Environmental  and Management Consulting. The subjects serve as guide line and shall be designed and adapted to every hotel or hotel group special requirements:

The Issue:

In the context of Eco-Tourism, a small lodge/hotel/resort in a natural area does not need all the modern or luxurious facilities to be competitive! Such as a swimming pool, spa, fancy restaurant, and others. Mother Nature, offers much greater natural and heritage values and attractions: which at the end offer as a great “destination vacation  experience” as received  in up scale resorts in overbuild tourism destinations.

The Strategies:  

Follow the good examples of balanced lodging segments in either nature destinations or well preserved historic small cities/towns, which exist in all European countries for over 100 years. Hence, offering both, great tourism attractions and providing an opportunity for larger city hotels to establish partnering programs with the “smaller & traditional hotels.”

Common Sense Approach: Working together and common sense approach (1)    are the key to success for all type of hotels: Smaller and mid-size hotels need to unite and join efforts with larger hotels; in order to confront the continuous strong competition in our industry worldwide in the beginning of  the 21st century. 

I. Environmental Consulting:

The three topics Conservation – Education – Sustainable Tourism Development CESTD are supported by case studies related to “Integrated Environmental Education and Eco-Marketing Strategies” in Latin America during 1976 and 1996.

The following topics can be implemented at: Hotels, Cruise Ships, Hotel and Tourism Schools and other related businesses:



    1. Action workshop and seminar for Hotels: Workshops combined with an evaluation of the hotel’s actual environmental oriented operation. On hand an “Eco Checklist” focusing on 6 key areas: Energy - Water - Waste - Effluents& Emissions - Contractors & Suppliers - Business Issues.
    2. Action Plan: Workshop to design and develop  an “Environmental Management Committee” and/or an “Environmental Department” at the hotel
    3. Environmental Operation Analysis and Evaluation. For existing and/or new environmental oriented hotels.

    Case Study: First Pioneer Project related to "Conservation"


    Environmental Curriculum for Hotel and Tourism Schools: Curriculum design and implementation of “Eco Tourism” and “Integrated Eco Hotel Management and Marketing.”

    Environmental Continuous Education & Extension Programs:  Workshops and seminars for hotel and tourism professionals on the before mentioned topics; implemented at either Hotel and Tourism Schools and/or at Partnering Hotels.

    Environmental Seminars and Conferences: For “Incentive Travel and Group Business” at hotels in conjunction with the partnering Tour Operators, and Hotel Schools/Universities.

    Case Study: Second Pioneer Project related to “Education”

    Sustainable Tourism and Eco-Tourism Development: 

    Eco- Destination Marketing and Development: Seminar and workshops in partnership with hotels and tour operators on: Participative planning, design development and marketing of eco-tourism destinations; by joining efforts within all sectors, private and public: to promote tourism without destroying natural resources and heritage values.

    Environmental Oriented Referral Hotel Groups:  Strategic workshops on: Conceptualization, design and development of eco-friendly hotel groups per region/country. By creating partnering programs with regional/national tourism businesses and educational institutions – private and public sectors - and most important with regional communities.

    Case Study: Third pioneer project related to: “Sustainable Tourism Development”

    Eco-Marketing:  Eco-Forums and Travel Markets


    Eco- Resort/Lodge Project Management: Co-design and coordination with the project management team the design and development of Eco-Resorts/Lodges.


    Familiarization Tours: Organization and coordination of Fam Tours of travel writers – nature experts - from potential tourism spender countries.

    II. Management  Consulting: (2)

    1.  Team Building Program: Integrated Operation and Management Education Programs; Marketing, Destination Development, Food & Beverage  and IETD.  For owners, managers or future managers of smaller/mid sized hotels:  Tailored to the needs of the hotel (s). Based on RHM&C’s four basic principals of  “International Integrated Management:”

    Education:      The traditional “Dual System of European Hotel Career Education” with focus on sound fundamentals of  - apprenticeship/training - and multi-cultural understanding and team building development.


    Administrative System: North American efficiency and modern management system, based on “Management by Objectives and Results.”


    Tradition, Culture and Elegance: European tradition blended with diversified culture and heritage. And multi-disciplinary management approach.


    Hospitality: Warm and friendly hospitality as practiced in most of developing countries around the world.

    2. Risk and Crisis Management: Seminar and Workshop for hotels in difficult and challenging situations. Based on a real case: The reactivation of the former ElSalvador Sheraton, El Salvador in midst the Guerrilla War, during 1983 -1987. (2)


    3.  Interim Management:  For any top management interim assignment, from General Manager, F&B Manager to Marketing Director for the period from 1 to 6 months. Coupled with training programs on the before mentioned  topics. (2)


    Where & For Whom:

    The consultancy and seminars – from 2 days to 2 months -  can be held at the respective facilities: hotels, cruise ships, hotel schools and tourism businesses. For all levels of staff:  Managers, supervisors and employees. For environmental and technical subjects; experts in the field shall take part in the programs.

    (1) Rues, in two occasions – crisis and sustainable tourism development – implemented the “Common Sense Approach” achieving satisfactory results.  First, at the former El Salvador Sheraton – 1983 -1987. Second, at the Radisson Plaza  La Paz, Bolivia, 1994 – 1996.

    (2) The consultancy can be implemented; either with the  hotel’s executive team and with the consultant Rues in the role of coordinator. Or just by the consultant.

    Eberhardt H. Rues - Founder and President
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