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Greetings from Florida!

Dear Colleagues and Nature Friends,

I would like to inform you about our new Integrated Eco-Tourism Development Program (IETDP) coupled with Nature & Heritage Tours (1) through The Real Florida a new eco-destination for the international markets -  starting in May 2004.  The Sunshine State offers an array of world class environmental management and protection programs found at: 3 National Parks, 19 National Wildlife Refuges, 155 State Parks, 27 Freshwater Springs, Rivers and Beaches among others. Many of these are linked to historic towns and traditional tourism destinations.

The IETDP focuses on custom made continuing modular education programs - of affordable fee -  for Hotel and Tourism professionals, offering diverse topics and length of programs - from 1 to 7 days to choose from.  Hence assuring a unique learning, destination and hands on experience; which is also applicable to other eco-destinations around the world.

During my 40 years of  diversified hotel career on five continents, what astonished me most was the lack of professional hotel education within the smaller privately owned and managed  hotels, inns and lodges. Thus, the initiative of IETDP coupled with consulting services was born in Bolivia in 1994 at our first referral group system of RHS EcoFriendly Hotels Worldwide.

Following our mission of Conservation Education - Sustainable Tourism Development with practical involvement, primarily in Latin America since 1976, we  are also launching the Hotel & Tourism Initiative for Environment Education. The aim bring to strengthen integrated environmental education, focusing on joint planning of integrated tourism development between all sectors public and private andWorking Together.

I hope to welcome you to explore The Real Florida and to participate in the IETDP. And to share with you my experience of 27 years toward Sustainable and Eco-Tourism Development on three continents, Europe, Latin America and North America.

Environmentally Yours,

Eberhardt H. Rues

(1) Similar programs can be held in other eco-destinations around the world.

Eberhardt H. Rues - Founder and President
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