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Since the early 1990's in the Hotel and Tourism Industry, environmental preservation and education issues have become top priorities within international organizations, hotel chains and independent hotels around the globe.

In 1994 RUES Hotel Selection (RHS) created the first - environmental friendly referral group system - "EcoFriendly Hotels Worldwide" starting in Latin America with a pioneer project in Bolivia. The Founder and President of RHS has been involved in sustainable tourism development initiatives since 1976 by designing and developing the first "RUES Eco Lodge Village in the Amazon region of Ecuador.


RHS Mission pursues the triangular system of: Conservation - Education - Sustainable Tourism Development (CESD) within the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Worldwide:

  1. To implement the triangular system of CESD within each member hotel of the referral group of "RUES Hotel Selection - EcoFriendly Hotels Worldwide" and to contribute toward the Conservation of natural, cultural and heritage values and resources.

  2. To raise Environmental Consciousness through Continuing Education and to increase the Social Responsibility both internally and externally within each EcoFriendly Hotel. This involves the active participation of: Owners, managers, architects, staff, suppliers, scientists, academics and guests.

  3. To take part within the Tourism Development Committees by "joining efforts of planning, coordination and promotion" toward Sustainable Tourism Development with the participation of all sectors private and public in the region and country, where the EcoFriendly Hotels are located. Hence, reconfirming the definition: the hotel industry is the backbone of tourism.


Eberhardt H. Rues - Founder and President
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