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Transition at Bolivias first American Chain Hotel:

Capitalizing on the niche market of Eco-Tourism and EcoFriendly Hotels. The best example how to integrate traditional hotel operation with environmental good practices has been seen at Bolivia's first American Hotel, the former Sheraton La Paz, 1978-1982. The hotel was re-flagged to the Radisson brand in 1994.

Assignment:  Introduction and implementation of both, Eco-Hotel Management (3) and Eco-Marketing at the first Radisson Plaza Hotel in South America, La Paz, Bolivia 1994-1996.

Assigned position: General Manager


Obtaining a soft credit loan during 5 years (because of environmental management practices)

Market and leader positioning with a business mix of convention/meetings and environmental sensitive groups and travelers of:
      traditional 70%
      environmental oriented  30%.

Conceptualization and organization of the First Forum on Eco-Tourism Europe Latin America, in November 1995. Event held at Radisson Plaza Hotel.

Obtaining energy savings in 1995 of US$150,000.


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