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Risk and Crisis Management at the former El Salvador Sheraton Hotel:

Risks are very complex. The can be measured over a time span of immediate, short and long range. In todays worldwide economic recession; risks are normal facts and every manager has to take advantage of each possible opportunity: Turn crisis into opportunities.

Assignment: The rebirth of the former El Salvador Sheraton Hotel  - a hotel in extreme difficulty - in the midst of economic upheaval and political crisis during the guerrilla war in El Salvador, 1983-1987.

Assigned position: General Manager

Strategy: Training and transfer of know-how on calculated risk operation Risk Management - based on real case studies as well on Rues guidebook:

Facing the Volcano: The experience of a Hotelier in El Salvador (1986)


In three years the hotels prestige and economy standing regained satisfactory level, holding anew the leading position in the country. Due to the following measures:  

Safety and Security Programs

Strategic Marketing targeting International media segments
(TV and Press)

Human Resources Personnel Management

Calculated Risk Operation

Management by Example and Leadership

Exchange Trade Barter System

Saving Programs

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