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Why Rues Hotel Interim Management?

The Issue: Today’s global competition in our industry and unstable economy worldwide requires specialized and diversified skills to stay ahead of our competitors. Often such skills are needed on a temporary assignment and/or new project.

The Right Solution: The Hotel Interim Manager (HIM) is the right solution for temporary and special assignments.  Rues Hotel Interim Management (RHIM) is the team of professionals who will be working on the project.  This is an appropriate solution for  independent hotels or chain hotels and related tourism businesses, small or large. This approach solves problems of significant difficulty during a period of change or transition, and develops “New Market Niches” at the earliest possible time and place.

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What is HIM?

The Hotel Interim Managers (HIM) are Senior Hotel Executives with “hands on” proven track record of international hotel management and operation experience – of minimum 25 years - on 3 continents.

The Interim Managers differ from consultants. Because they assume responsibility with clear mandate to act on the client’s behalf.  They are problem solvers: Managers in action. They like change and challenges. They place the owner’s interest above them and implement the principles of “Management by Example” and common sense approach. Their leitmotiv is “Action instead of Words.”

The Interim Senior Manager has made a lifestyle change at the age of 50 – 65 to get involved in social responsibilities such as “Old School Teaching” and environmental sensitive hotel and tourism issues.

The RHIM Team 

The RHIM team consists of two members: RHIM’s principal, Eberhardt H. Rues, and Associate Interim Partners. They all report directly to the client.

The Associate Interim Partners are senior hotel executives and experts of various backgrounds from architects to environment specialists. They shall join the RHIM team according to the nature and complexity of the assignments.

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How Does HIM Work?

The Hotel Interim Manager is in charge of a core assignment. For example, General Manager for “Restructuring of Management System” that can be coupled with multiple tasks – depending on the nature and size of the issues: “Integrated Eco-Hotel Management & Eco-Marketing – coupled with Destination Development” and other subjects.  With focus on capacity team building that is based on the philosophy ofSupport toward Self-Development - Showing how to fish, not giving a fish.”

RHIM groups the challenges in three levels – high, medium and normal - for easier selection of the Interim Manager and for strategic planning and supportive measures taking.

High level challenge: A very difficult interim assignment.  In countries or situations ofhard working conditions.”  For example, Afghanistan, Iraq or El Salvador in the 1980’s, or turn-around operations.

Medium level challenge:  Complex interim assignments. In developing countries with minor risks.

Normal level challenge: For any type of challenging interim assignment.

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