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Pioneer Projects:

RHIM Case studies of related topics to Sustainable Tourism Development:

Rues practical involvement toward Sustainable Tourism Development in Latin America since 1976; focuses on: Conversation Education Sustainable Development (CESD). All three topics are summarized in three case studies that can be viewed on our Web site, under the following links/sections:


First pioneer project: RUES Eco Lodge Village, Amazon Region, Ecuador. 1976

Design and development of the first environmental tourism project the "RUES Eco Lodge Village" in the Amazon Region, Ecuador in 1976: On 78 hectares of land - 70 hectares were almost of virgin land.

The 70 hectares of virgin land were designated as a "Private Nature Conservancy". And the other 8 hectares were used for the "RUES EcoLodge Village" coupled with environmental plantation of  coffee and tropical fruits.

Assigned position: Owner-Manager and Developer


Second pioneer project: Integrated Environmental Hotel and Tourism Curriculum in Mexico. 1993- 1994

Design and implementation of Integrated Environmental Hotel and Tourism Curriculum at ITESM (Technical Institute of Superior Studies Monterey) for the Hotel and Tourism Study Programs (HTSP) of 9 Semester - at Campus Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Assigned position: Director of the HTSP

Sustainable Development

Third Pioneer Project: Environmental referral group system - "RHS EcoFriendly Hotels of Bolivia" 1994-1996

The launch of the first environmental hotel referral group was multifold:

  1. The principal owner of the National Hotel Company Hotelera Nacional (3 hotels) that also owned the Radisson Plaza La Paz, attempted to promote Bolivia as an emerging Eco-Tourism Destination. Reason, why Rues was hired to manage the three hotels.
  2. To get involved in "Sustainable Tourism Development." Thus gave the birth of the RUES Hotel Selection EcoFriendly Hotels of Bolivia/Worldwide.

Assigned position: Founder and Promoter

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Eberhardt H. Rues - Founder and President
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