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RUES Hotel Interim Management mission pursues the key objectives of integrated global management systems: Value, Education, Innovation and Diversity (VEID). 


Without values and history there is no future. Old school values: Traditional hotel education, based on dual system education practice and academic - combined with global management system. The Guest is King. And Value for money relationship.  


Education is the most important investment in human resource management. Thus makes education the backbone of RHIM priorities: Strategies of self-development and team building. Training the future professionals. And visionary planning. 


Innovative management and marketing strategies focusing on the awareness of the guests expectations and new trends. Continuous quest for development of new opportunities and market niches and being ahead of the competition: to assure a leading market position.  


Diversity of multi-disciplinary services inside and outside the hotel. From integrated hotel management traditional and environmental oriented management systems to destination development and social involvement: coupled with of modern technologies.

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Eberhardt H. Rues - Founder and President
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