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Rues has worked with a wide range of hotel and tourism businesses on five continents, since 1976.  The following examples of Rues assignments are based on real cases.  The first example serves as a project proposal.

Introducing an Eco-Friendly brand within International Hotel Chains:

Environmental oriented hotels/inns of the mid market segment within Global Hotel Chains are still in their infancy. Thus, representing a unique opportunity, to develop the Eco-Friendly Hotel/Inn - Market Niche in both developing- and industrialized countries: especially in regions tier markets - that focus on Eco-Tourism Destination Development.

Special Assignment  (Project Proposal) Eco-Friendly Brand Development:

Introducing and transferring the know how of RHS EcoFriendly Hotels Worldwide to a prospective hotel chain; that wishes to develop a new brand: With emphasis to assure its market position and to diversify/expand its existing brands.

Co-designing and developing an environmental oriented hotel/inn concept of a new brand of co-Friendly Hotels/Inn in conjunction with the companys project development team.

Supporting the project development team in all phases of development, from its first stage on.

Raising awareness of environmentally and socially relevant themes among decision makers and new client hotel developers.

Introducing internationally recognized and social standards and renewable energies.

Eco-Tourism Destination Development and Marketing:

Designing a dual development plan Multi-National Tourism Destination Development and strategic Marketing by means of the following:

Joint Marketing and Promotion Program of Partnering with  Nature - Culture and Hotels.

Participating in Public Private Partnerships (PPP) programs.

Supporting pilot projects (4) such as Environmental Learning Centers coupled with Eco-Lodges and Environmental Agriculture (ELCEL).

Assigned position: Co-Project Manager and Destination Developer


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