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Cruise Ship Hotel Operation:  

Smaller cruise ships of 150-700 passengers that focus on both environmental good practices in combination with promoting Nature and Heritage Tourism (Eco-Tourism) programs, have a competitive advantage over the traditional and mega cruise ships at the beginning of the New Millennium

Assignment: Introduction of both, Integrated Environmental Management Marine and Hotel Operations and Eco-Marketing and Destination Development.  On the M/S Sun Viking (700 passengers) of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. South Asia Cruises. October to December 1996.

Assigned position: Hotel Manager coupled with a Special Environmental Assignment task

Analysis: Rues three months information gathering, was summarized in a proposal: Analysis & Recommendations  Integrated Environmental Management & Eco-Marketing Strategies.  It was presented to RCCLs Safety, Security and Environmental Management Team.  A few suggestions/topics shall be outlined as following:

Summary: Water, Water Waste, Waste, Energy and Waste Reduction & Energy Savings.  Two excerpts on Water:

1. Water

The analysis focuses primarily on Water Consumption Reduction.  A change and/or modification of the actual Water Usage is recommended.  The actual public health regulations enforce the change of potable water (in most of the ships) used in the Bain Maries (Hot Water Steam Tables) in galleys and dining rooms 2 to 3 times a day.

2. Water Waste

An estimated calculation shows that Water Waste on all Cruise Ships worldwide amounts to billons of gallons of Water a year.  With an incalculable cost of millions of dollars.  Water consumption regulations and procedures within ten years (2006) shall be changed, according to every Environment Defenders perception on both Floating Resorts and Hotels.

Conclusion: Management by Example and Working as a Team within both departments: Marine & Engineering and Hotel Operations Shore and Shipboard sides is recommend in order to achieve the set goals.

Eco Marketing Strategy:  To combine the existing Save the Wave and RCCLs commitment of Environmental Protection Programs, with Environmental & Cultural Cruise Programs.  For example, Leisure Nature Culture Cruises coupled with the traditional RCCLs Cruises.


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