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Articles on challenging and environmental topics published/featured in the following magazines and newspapers:

Eco-Tourism Destination Development; Interview with the Editor of the Thailand Hospitalty Magazine (2005)
Thailand Hospitality Magazine, 04/2005 (English)

Conservation of Natural and Cultural Resources
Hotel and Restaurants Magazine - AHGZ, 02/1999 (German)

A Bolivian Hotel Selection on the World Stage
Bolivian Times, 05/1996 (English)

Environmental Conciousness in Hotel Administration
Eco-Rio, Revista Brasiliera No. 19, 1995 (Portuguese)

First Forum on Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Tourism Europe - Latin America
Viaje y Turismo, La Paz, Bolivia, 11/1995 (Spanish)

Eco Tourism Finds Bolivia's Cities
Bolivian Times, 09/1994 (English)

Five Stars under a Green Flag
Ultima Hora, La Paz, Bolivia, 07/1994 (Spanish)

Campaign Save the Beaches El Salvador
El Diario de Hoy, El Salvador, 05/1991 (Spanish)

Special Edition of the Presidential Elections 1984
El Salvador Sheraton Monthly Newspaper, San Salvador, 04/1984 (Spanish/English)



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