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III. RUES Hotel Selection Membership Fee

. Admission Fee
for a 20 year period per room
Marketing Consulting Fee
per room, per year
Developing Countries US$ 40.00 US$ 20.00
Industrialized Countries US$ 80.00 US$ 40.00

All fees are based on a per room basis, taxes are not included.

The interested EcoFriendly Hotel/Resort/Lodge can apply to become a RHS member hotel via e-mail, or by filling out the contact form of how to become a member.

"Membership Agreement" shall be signed between the interested hotel and RHS.

*The admission fee is a one time payment valid over a period of 20 years. As well, it includes the consulting services mentioned in the previous sections.

** The Marketing Consulting fee are on a yearly basis, they include the basic Marketing Strategies as specified under number I.3 as well as the Internet Market Fee.

Each Member Hotel will be allowed to place the RHS membership link on its front page:

Member Hotel of  RHS EcoFriendly Hotels Worldwide

Eberhardt H. Rues - Founder and President
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