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I. RHS Eco-Hotel Management and Marketing Consulting *

The consulting service consist of guide books, workshops* and seminars with the "EcoFriendly Hotel" members from the respective region and country of the following:

*(Consulting fees shall be applied for special assignment and services, such as workshops and others. Please submit your requirements through our on line contact form or via e-mail)

Eco-Hotel Management:

The Eco Hotel Management system is implemented through the efficient consumption of: Water, Energy and Waste. Each RHS member hotel receives the guide book (operation manual) "Eco-Hotel Management - Environmental Consciousness in Hotel Administration" which emphasizes on the 3 R?s principle: Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.

Continuing Education:

The EcoFriendly Hotels become the backbone of continuing education programs focusing on responsible and sustainable tourism development for the benefit of nature, culture and the tourism industry.

Integrated Environmental Education

Each EcoFriendly Hotel and/or member hotel group of the region/country have the opportunity to implement and develop an "Environmental Training and Learning Center" which offers integrated and active workshops and seminars based on the "Dual System"; theoretical and practical education programs of Eco Tourism, Eco Hotel Management and Marketing and other environmental related topics. The workshops/seminars can be held either by the hotel themselves and/or in conjunction with a Hotel and Tourism School or University of one day, one week or a month of different topics for the following groups:

  1. All staff levels of the hotel: Manager, supervisors and staff. The seminar/course methodology shall be "train the trainer".
  2. Professionals from the hotel and tourism sector.
  3. For hotel guests and clients (especially tourists) conferences presented by an expert (preferably local) on natural, historical, and cultural resources and attractions within the region and country.

International Exchange Programs

International exchange programs on environmental studies and sustainable development projects in hotels and in nature and culture based tourism destination will be promoted with the participating "EcoFriendly Hotels" and Hotel and Tourism Schools. This program will be directed to managers, supervisors of hotels, and to faculty and staff of educational institutions.

Eberhardt H. Rues and/or partner shall act as a liaison agent between the hotels and hotel schools

Eco Hotel and Tourism Marketing Strategies

The Eco Marketing Concept: Marketing strategies are focused toward: The promotion, awareness and conservation of natural and cultural resources. Avoiding the destruction of the natural areas and the change of communitys heritage values. (Eberhardt H. Rues)

Guide Book "Eco-Hotel and Tourism Marketing"

Each member hotel will receive the Marketing Guide Book, featuring divers case studies of Rues?s over 35 years involvement in both special interest and eco tourism destination development in Latin America. (Spanish version publication forthcoming, 2002-2003)

Joint Marketing and Promotion

With the participation of all member hotels of "RHS EcoFriendly Hotels" of the region and/or country of the following:

Implementing the "Next Stop Reservation System."

Media coverage in travel and trade magazines and news papers.

Internet marketing and promotion. And on line news letter.

Establishing Contacts and Networking

To establish contacts with potential Eco-Tourism and Special Interest Tourism tour operators, travel agencies, multinational corporations (for incentive travel). And international organizations (for forums and seminars) and hotel and tourism schools (for continuing education programs.)

Participative and Visionary Planning Strategies

Each member hotel shall have the opportunity to participate with the "Planning and Development Committees" for new hotel and tourism development projects in the area, of all related sectors, government, private enterprises and scientists among others.

Identification and Marketing Support

Each member hotel will receive the following:

Identification sign with logo and name of the hotel, city, sate and country as well the logo of "RHS EcoFriendly Hotels Worldwide". This sign are to be placed at the front desk and/or main entrance of the member hotel.

"RHS EcoFriendly Hotels" Directory per country and/or state. **

Geographical country map. The location of each hotel will placed on the country map within the respective region. The map will be placed at a visible area in the lobby of the hotel.

Usage of RHS Logo and Name. Each member hotel can use the logo of "RUES EcoFriendly Hotels Worldwide" within all publications internally and externally: This includes, promotional material, guest stationary, menus, trade and news paper articles.

** Costs for joint promotion and advertising, elaboration of printing and marketing support material will be absorbed by the participating hotels.

Eberhardt H. Rues - Founder and President
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