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IV.  Internet Marketing & Fees. And International Representation 

Sample of Internet Marketing and International Representation Agreement:
For Hotel and Tourism businesses of the private and public sectors. Between RUES Hotel Selection through its principal Eberhardt H. Rues and Internet EcoHotel Partner. Hereinafter referred to as “Consultant” and “Partner” respectively.  For RHS EcoFriendly Hotels and Tourism businesses of the private and public sectors:

1. Objective: The “Partner” accepts herewith the services of the “Consultant” to promote the “Partner’s” business on the Internet by means of a Web link installment on the “Consultant’s” Web sites: RUES Hotel Selection EcoFriendly Hotels Worldwide and   Sustainable Hotel and Tourism Development under the respective section of the “Partner’s” type of businesses. In conjunction with International marketing representation.

2. Goal: The primary goal pursues the “Destination Development, Education and Marketing of International "Sustainable- and EcoTourism, Nature and Culture" attractions and related businesses on the “Consultant’s” regional Web pages. Featuring selected destinations, for the benefit of responsible and social tourism development, education, preservation of the environment and related institutions and businesses, private and public.

3. Advantages:RHS Website is linked to prestigious International organizations focusing on Sustainability and  EcoTourism, featured on RHS’ The Eco List This strategic linkage makes RHS Web site, a unique and dynamic "EcoFriendly Online - Education, Hotel and Travel Magazine,"  on the International Market Scenario.

4. The Integrated Services of RUES Marketing, Representation & Consulting include the following:

The “Partner’s” Web link installment on RHS Web site;

Eco-Hotel Marketing Consultancy 6 hours per year;

Integrated Eco Tourism Development Program Course of “1 day for one person” at the “Consultant’s” home office in Dunnellon, Florida, USA;

Consultancy from Risk Management to Quality Assessment, 6 hours per year;

In addition, the “Consultant” offers the “Partner” cost effective International Marketing and Representation. As well Interim Hotel Management for affordable fees;

Each “Partner’s” business will be allowed to place the partnership link and RHS logo on its home page:

Partner of  RHS EcoFriendly Hotels Worldwide

5.  Professional Fees for “Integrated Services, Internet Marketing & Representation” – for two years: Fees are quoted in US $

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