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II. Basic Characteristics, Benefits and Goals for RHS EcoFriendly Member and Partner Hotels

1. Characteristics 

Commitment to "Sustainable Tourism and Hotel Development and Education and Environment Preservation" for the benefit of the communities at large.
Type of Hotel and Property Identity: Each hotel maintains its original identity adapting to the country’s heritage values. The hotel harmonizes within the environment. The architectural, interior design and landscape features the aspects and elements of the particular region and country.

Segmentation of EcoFriendly Hotels (EFH) The segmentation of six types of EcoFriendly Lodgings permits strategic marketing toward the guests, tour operators and facilitates data collection for reservation of each type:

EcoFriendly Hotel

EcoFriendly Lodge/Inn - Rain Forest Lodge

EcoFriendly Resort/Club Resort

EcoFriendly Hacienda/ Ranch. For example Coffee Hacienda and Guesthouse

EcoFriendly Explorer Cruise Ship

Environmental Learning and Investigation Center (ELIC) coupled EcoAgro Tourism and EcoLodges. The ELIC would function as a small Eco-Hotel School; an arm of local University

2. Classification toward the triangle system of CESD - Conversation - Education -Sustainable Development.

The Classification ranks from 2 to 5 star categories of international standard. Each EFH will be classified with two symbols according to: The basic environmental oriented operation, equipments, facilities and education programs;

Quality service. With an overall operation and service evaluation of 100 points:
A tree: For implementation of the triangular system of “Conservation, Education and Sustainable Tourism Development.” CESD. 50 points

A green suitcase: For quality service. 50 points.

3. Environmental criteria

Small independent hotels/lodges/inns have the advantage over most chain hotels. Because each hotel offers a world of its own: Location, design, architecture, operation policy, personalized service and value for service provided. Therefore, uniform environmental criteria can not be applied. Each RHS EFH member/partner will have to meet the criteria of environmental good practices according to international standards and to RHS integrated Eco Hotel Management and Marketing systems.

4. Environmental good practices

Each EcoFriendly Hotel has to implement a minimum of 30% or total of 100 points of the criteria and environmental practices outlined in the guide book. "Eco-Hotel Management."

5. Benefits and Long term Goals

The initial benefits (during the first phase of development 2 years, in 1995 - 1996) from the RHS Eco Friendly Hotel members’ side were their great "Enthusiasm, Commitment, and Civic Involvement" in the complex tasks toward: Preservation, Education and Sustainable Tourism Development;

Environmental Consciousness Raising toward integrated Hotel Management and Marketing Systems;

Each member hotel receives a CD ROM of the guide book "Eco Hotel Management” Eberhardt Rues, English version, 1986) which serves for both, criteria setting of environmental standards and as operational manual. The member hotels shall participate in “Continuous Education Seminars and Action Workshops on "Eco Hotel Management and Marketing" once a year;

Each member hotel is visited (on site inspection, once a year) by RHS Environmental Hotel Consultants; their tasks are the assessment and identification of any mayor environmental problem, evaluating the improvements of environmental practices, as well training and monitoring;

RHS shall support the development of continuing “Forums and Workshops of Sustainable and EcoTourism” in the countries where RHS EcoFriendly Hotels are present. With the aim to enhance Private, Public Partnerships (PPP) within hotels, tourism, international and national organizations, schools, universities, communities and related businesses.

Cost effective Marketing and Promotion on RHS EcoFriendly Web site. The Internet Marketing Fees for Member Hotels are included in the Marketing Consulting Fee.

6. Admission

The Quality Admission Committee of RHS reserves the right to grant or deny the admission of any new member hotel.


Eberhardt H. Rues - Founder and President
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